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Step inside our ship with Idea Planet's founder, Mike Flecker

Peek behind the curtain to see how we ideate, design, and manufacture custom products - from collector's edition video game artifacts to life-size movie character replicas to kids meal toys. You'll find custom manufacturing industry insights, advice, life lessons, and a few laughs posted here on a monthly basis.


As I sat down to write this blog and contemplated relevant subject matter, it was very close to Thanksgiving here in the US. So, the subject of gratitude was top of mind. I have been blessed both in business and in my personal life – I really am a pretty luck...


People are no longer satisfied with just being "loyal" to their favorite brand, they want to be apart of it. Fans want something that they've helped create!


"Discovery consists of seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what nobody has thought." - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


I just got back from my 6th trip to China and 5th trip to Europe this year. When you have an office in Dallas, Texas and another in Shenzhen, China with clients in Paris, London, Amsterdam and Japan, you tend to do a bit of travel. The more time zones you cro...


These are some of my very favorite topics, but not everyone is keen to wrap their head around what they are and their importance in

mass production. My goal, today, is to share with you this epiphany.

Mass production is obvious, right? You decide what you’re ma...


Most people don't think about all the things that had to go right in order for a box to appear on their doorstep. Shipping products safely, and on time requires more than a little effort and knowledge. This month we talk about how to get it done right.


From our side of the fence as a custom manufacturer, we can share advice on how to make certain you get back clear, accurate costs that lead you to the right partner. And despite what people say, you do need to sweat the small stuff!


"Riddle me this…

Sometimes I can be flexible, but often I’m not. I’m a part of your everyday life – in fact, you’d have a hard time without me – but you might not always recognize me. I am what I am today because I couldn’t take the heat. What am I?

OK, I ackn...


When it comes to video games, you’ve likely heard this entreaty a few times. In fact, probably a lot. Or, maybe you’re chuckling because this is your own favorite line. Either way, we can all agree that digital gameplay can be extremely addicting.


When our team at Idea Planet sets out to create an item intended for a child, we take play very seriously. Our goal is to maximize its play value while anticipating and mitigating potential harm.

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