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Step inside our ship with Idea Planet's founder, Mike Flecker

Peek behind the curtain to see how we ideate, design, and manufacture custom products - from collector's edition video game artifacts to life-size movie character replicas to kids meal toys. You'll find custom manufacturing industry insights, advice, life lessons, and a few laughs posted here on a monthly basis.


When our team at Idea Planet sets out to create an item intended for a child, we take play very seriously. Our goal is to maximize its play value while anticipating and mitigating potential harm.


Ideas are my passion – and although I believe that there is no perfect formula for creating great marketing ideas, I have learned some lessons along my journey.


Not all of us are lucky enough to travel internationally for business. If you are, you know that each country has its own unique blend of traditions, etiquette, greetings, beliefs, and protocols – all of which are key ingredients to their way of life. I find...


A big Thank you to my friends, family, and clients for making it a great year!! Here are my top 10 highlights - I promise to keep them short and sweet!!


This month we are giving you a behind the scenes look at how we created a life-size Bayek from Assassin's Creed Origins for our friends at Ubisoft. It was exciting to be part of such a well known and long-standing franchise. About 100 were made and we a...


Every year we hold a 3-day company “summit” off site at our family lake house. While we have several important items on the official agenda (besides tubing and eating fresh Maryland crab!), one exercise really stood out to me this past get together. We took p...


Communication is the crux of a successful project. We’ll focus our glossary today on figurines and statues. We’ll work through basic lingo in chronological fashion, following the steps needed to get from idea to reality.


It’s a sometimes-indescribable secret sauce that makes someone (or something) stand apart from the rest. In the world of gaming, Limited and Collector’s Editions are created with the explicit intent to elicit this enviable “Wow Factor.”

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