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Client: Irrational Games

Game: BioShock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition

Creation Brought to Life: Songbird Collectible Statue and Art Book

Ken Levine, the creator of BioShock and its steampunk, bird-like villain, Songbird, is known for a meticulous focus on detail. That’s why Idea Planet was selected to bring Songbird to life. Featuring over 100 hand-painted operations, this sculpture captures his essence and a glimpse of the airborne city of Columbia. Songbird is perched atop the rubble of a statue, wings spread out completely, seconds away from swooping down on its prey.


  • Songbird Statue

    • Detachable wings

    • Stands on rubble from the BioShock city of Columbia

    • Over 100 paint operations

    • Realistic weathering effects

  • Art Book

    • Distressed canvas cover

    • Gold foil stamping

Songbird_old Thumb.png
Claws Thumb.png
torso thumb.png
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