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Table Topics 
One of Chick-fil-A’s most popular prizes ever – a fun way to spark conversation between friends and family.

Client: Chick-fil-A

Program: Kid's & Family Marketing

Creation Brought to Life: Kid's Meal Business

For over eight years, Idea Planet has been reinventing the Kid's Meal business for Chick-fil-A – creating a powerful yet simple brand touchpoint with their most important fans (moms) and their littlest fans (kids) up to 10,000,000 times a month.

  • 94% of moms say they feel good about getting a Kid's Meal at Chick-fil-A versus 52% at McDonalds

  • 91% say they are a good value

  • 84% say they take their family to Chick-fil-A because they focus on kids and family versus 53% for McDonalds

We aren't just making toys. We are connecting with fans in a personal way. We are starting conversations between parents and children. We are designing shared experiences. And we are telling brand stories that build brand loyalty.


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