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Client: Ubisoft

Game: Far Cry 5 

Creation Brought to Life: Joseph Seed Statue


  • 400+ paint operations, including dry brush, spray mask, tampo, and air brush techniques

  • Distressed paint with wash

  • Figure

    • 9.25"

    • ABS, PVC

    • Glasses include transparent yellow lenses with hand-painted deco

  • Base

    • 5.11" W x 5.11" D x .78" H

    • ABS, PVC

  • Stained Glass Wall

    • 12.3" H x 5.34" L x 0.03" D

    • ABS, clear ABS, Adhesive Decal

  • Flag

    • Approx. 5.9" L x 1.9" W x 0.39" H

    • PVC

    • Hand-decorated

In the Far Cry series, environment is everything. So, when we were tasked to create a statue of the Far Cry 5 villain, cult leader Joseph Seed, we put extensive work into his likeness and his environment—a beautiful and symbolic, dilapidated church in rural Hope County, Montana.

The more you study our figure of Seed, the more sinister he gets, thanks to sculptural details—a pistol taped under the kneeling rest, a blood-stained flag on the ground, the light shining through the stained glass-style windows.​​

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