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Burnt amber replica of Destiny Ghost featuring motion sensor, game voice recordings and blue LED lights.

Client: Activision

Game: Destiny Ghost Edition

Creation Brought to Life: Ghost Replica

The millions of people who bought Destiny at launch got a virtual companion, the Silver Ghost. But those who purchased the Limited Edition got much, much more. Their in-game ghost was a striking burnt amber color which we brought to life as a real-world replica, including the voice of Peter Dinklage. Peter has moved on to other endeavors in his career, but his legacy remains in this sought-after collector’s item.


  • ABS body with rubberized accents

  • Motion sensor that triggers light and random audio tracks from the game

  • USB powered

  • Dimensions

    • Length: 4.5"

    • Width: 5"

    • Height: 3.5"

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