Client: Lionhead Studios

Game: Fable III Collector's Edition

Creation Brought to Life: Hardbound Book Replica, Coin, and Cards

In the Fable universe, books are important — they guide players through everything from learning combat skills to teaching their companion pets new tricks. This replica book features lush enhancements in the style of Albion Royalty. But what really makes it unique is the hidden compartment that reveals two real-world elements from the game: A Good & Evil Coin and a deck of cards featuring key characters.


  • Hardbound Book Replica

    • Faux leather, embossing, distressed gold foil stamping, flocked interior

    • Hidden side compartment to hold the game case and playing cards

  • Deck of Character Playing Cards

    • Distressed

  • Metal Good & Evil Guild Seal Coin

    • Enamel fills


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