Client: Ubisoft

Game: Far Cry 5

Creation Brought to Life: Wall-Mountable Deer Skull

Far Cry 5 is set in the backwoods of Hope County, Montana, where a murderous cult leader, Joseph Seed, spurred an uprising. Amidst the chaos, the cult graffities the rustic décor of a country bar— including a wall-mounted deer skull.


We brought this wall-mounted deer skull to life for fans with a high level of care, in order to maintain authenticity. For instance, we weighted the piece for a substantial—but not cumbersome—heft. We sculpted an extraordinarily lifelike skull and embellished the base with real barbed wire, graffiti, and wear.


  • 9.92lb approximate weight

  • Deer Skull

    • 9.44" L x 5.31" W x 3.9" D

    • Poly-resin

    • Painted weathering and aging effects

    • Include magnets to attach to antlers

  • Antlers

    • Each approximately 11.02" L x 1.18" W X 5.90" D

    • Include magnets to attach to skull

    • Engraved with a cult saying: “We are all tested”.

  • Real Barbed Wire

    • Approximately 35.03" L

    • Wound around deer skull and one antler

  • Plaque

    • Approximately 13.38" L x 9.44" W x 0.47"-0.59" D

    • Faux-wood, weathered and aged, including shallow recesses.

    • Replicated flag graphic

  • Serial Plaque

    • 0.98" x 3.93"

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