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Client: Bungie / Microsoft Game Studios

Game: Halo: Reach Limited Edition

Creation Brought to Life: Dr. Halsey’s Lockbox and Journal

We believe every limited edition should surprise and delight fans and encourage them to go deeper into the property. There may be no finer example of this than our Halo Reach replica of Dr. Catherine Halsey’s personal journal.


To be true to the story, we hand-stitched 1.3 million journals, using old-world Coptic binding. Each book contained page after page of Halsey’s notes, sketches, and thoughts and dozens of inserts, such as schematics, blueprints, recon images, and a patch. We also included a unique “Easter Egg” — a replica ONI ID badge that reveals a portrait of Dr. Halsey under blacklight.


  • Box

    • Paperboard

    • Varied metallic and foil print processes

  • Journal

    • Coptic-bound

    • Two hand-torn pages

    • Dozens of paper and fabric tip-ins

    • Notes, sketches, blueprints, a patch, and other items “created” by Dr. Halsey

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