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Client: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Game: Horizon Forbidden West

Creation Brought to Life: Regalla Edition

As Aloy embarks on her journey to save the land from deadly blight, she encounters dangerous enemies and deadly machines – like the enormous Tremortusk captured by the Tenakth tribe.

Idea Planet partnered with Sony Interactive Entertainment & Guerrilla Games to recreate Aloy’s encounter with this hostile beast, complete with color-changing eyes and articulating trunk and tusks. Plus, a removable diorama backdrop for display.

Artifacts also include two Art Cards with soft-touch finish, two “carved” Machine Strike Pieces, a large cloth map, AND a wearable LED replica of Aloy’s Focus.


Regalla Tremortusk Statue

  • 36.5cmH

  • LED 3-color eyes

  • Articulating trunk & tusks

  • Captured by 3 Tenakth warriors


Aloy Statue

  • 6cmH

  • Intricately detailed

Replica Focus & Display Stand

  • Wearable with functional LED

Two Art Cards

  • About 10cm H x 15cm W

  • Black soft-touch finish

Set of two Machine Strike Pieces

  • Clawstrider & Sunwing

  • About 7cm H

Cloth Map

  • 37.18cm H x 73.5cm W

Diorama Backdrop

  • 50.8cm H x 93.5cm L 

  • Greyboard material

  • Removable for display

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