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Client: Sony Computer Entertainment

Game: Killzone 3: Helghast Edition

Creation Brought to Life: Helghast Helmet

Unlike most manufacturers, Idea Planet is solution and material agnostic.  Our relationships with over 12 different manufacturers allows us to create with no material restraints.  We identify the right solution, and then we figure out how to bring it to life.  Case in point is this Helghan Empire replica helmet.  Commonly referred to in the game as "Red Eyes", this helmet and piercing eyes are iconic in the Killzone series. The helmet can be lifted off the base to reveal a hidden compartment for storing your game case.


  • ABS helmet and base

  • Flexible hoses

  • Realistic weathering paint applications

  • Light-up LED eyes

OG helghast.png
OG helghast Thumb.png
HelmetOpen Thumb.png
Side detail Thumb.png
front detail Thumb.png
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