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Welcome to Idea Planet where our singular purpose is to create personal marketing experiences that touch a nerve in a truly remarkable way. 

Look around. You’ll find a wide range of case studies that all seem very different, but share 3 common similarities:

They all engage consumers face to face. While the world is getting more and more digital and less and less personal, we know that nothing replaces the visceral feeling of tactical, first-hand experiences.

Everything we do is focused on a story. 

Humans communicate through storytelling. It’s simply the best and easiest way for us to give and receive information. The only things in life worth remembering are the ones that have a story behind them.  

We actually make them happen. While we are passionate about delivering big, innovative ideas, we also know that the only good ideas are the ones that can be executed flawlessly. We don’t just come up with innovative marketing solutions – we actually bring them to life.

Front window of Idea Planet headquarters office in Dallas, TX.
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