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Client: 2K Games

Game: Red Dead Redemption 2

Creation Brought to Life: Amos Schiffer Brewing Co. Bottle Opener

Red Dead Redemption 2 drops players into the heart of the wild west, amidst train robberies, gang wars and debauchery of all sorts. To commemorate, we created a functioning artifact central to outlaw life—a beer bottle opener from Amos Schiffer Brewing Co.


This steel beer bottle opener is highly detailed and weighted for both function and value perception. Seam lines are skillfully hidden, and two internal rivets secure the opener to the handle for a firm grip sure to open numerous cold ones to come.


Bottle Opener

  • 1.6" W, 5.19" L, 0.39" D

  • 3.35 oz.

  • Zinc alloy handle

  • Food-grade stainless steel head

  • Plated and antiqued


  • Hard-shell, grey board box

  • EVA foam

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