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Client: Sony Computer Entertainment

Game: The Order: 1886 Premium Edition

Creation Brought to Life: Art Book and Blackwater Vial Pendant

Limited-edition releases of movies and games give fans unique opportunities to connect with entertainment. That’s why we go deep on content development; identifying the most important “artifacts” of a world a true fan would want to own. This art book reveals a valuable treasure from The Order: 1886 – the blackwater vial containing healing and strengthening powers purported to have come from the Holy Grail.


  • Hardbound Book

    • Faux leather embossed cover

    • Greyboard internal construction

    • Hidden compartment

  • Blackwater Vial Pendant

    • Metal alloy hand-brushed antique finish

    • 30" chain

The order Front.png
The order Front Thumb.png
BookOpenVial Thumb.png
VialClose Thumb.png
TheOrder1886_Book&Vial Thumb.png
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