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Client: Sega / Creative Assembly

Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms

Creation Brought to Life: Statue of Guan Yu

Influenced by the modern historicist Chinese art that defines the game’s visuals, this Collector’s Edition features a sculpture of the 14th century Chinese general–Guan Yu–wielding his mighty Dragon Crescent Blade. The figure ships in a beautifully modern, sleek and minimalist luxury presentation chest, featuring vibrant red coloring and adorned with a premium gold leaf ¨Three Kingdoms¨ Chinese stamp.

Contained within is a collection of riches fit for an emperor:

  • 24cm resin Guan Yu statue (31cm with Halberd) 

  • Exclusive art book 

  • Premium limited-edition case

Guan Yu_Statue.png
THGuan Yu_Statue.png
THGuan Yu_Closeup3.png
THGuan Yu_Closeup1.png
THGuan Yu_Box.png
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