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Client: Naughty Dog / Sony Computer Entertainment

Game: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition

Creation Brought to Life: Traveling Chest, Replica Nathan Drake Belt Buckle, and Ring

This Collector’s Edition for the critically acclaimed Uncharted series uses artifacts of the game both inside and out. The package is inspired by 17th century Arabic traveling medicine cabinets. Inside, fans find Drake’s iconic belt buckle and a wearable replica of his heirloom ring, once owned by Sir Francis Drake, with all the detailed engravings from the game.


  • Box

    • Inspired by Arabic traveling medicine chests

    • Paperboard

    • Full-color printing

  • Figurine

  • Buckle

    • Metal

    • Brushed, weathering effect

  • Ring

    • Metal replica

    • Engraved symbols

    • Leather cord

Arabic-styled traveling medicine chest-inspired box with figurine, iconic brushed metal belt buckle, and replica wearable ring with engraved game symbols.
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