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Client: Sega / Creative Assembly

Game: Total War: Warhammer II

Creation Brought to Life: Serpent God Tome

Continuing our storied work on the Total War franchise, we collaborated with Sega and Creative Assembly to produce the Serpent God Collector’s Edition. This tome is wrapped in faux-lizard skin with stone-effect glyphs and ritualistic icons representing Lord Mazdamundi’s headdress.


  • Tome

    • 10" W x 13" H x 6" D

  • Art Book

    • Integrated into the packaging

    • Embossed metal case

  • Canvas Map

    • Exclusive Lizardmen artwork

  • Stone-effect Sculpted Puzzle Sphere

    • PVC outside - ABS inside

    • Combination activated hydropot opens to reveal contents

  • 4 Carved Bone-Effect Teeth Totems

    • In a pouch for use on the map

    • Can be worn as a necklace with the included leather thong

  • Saurus Replica Weapon Blade

    • 4GB USB with Black Library e-books

    • Cast metal, plated, and antique washed

    • Leather pouch

SetAngleView Thumb.png
USB closed Thumb.png
Sphere open Thumb.png
Teeth Thumb.png
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