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Client: Sega / Creative Assembly

Game: Total War: Warhammer

Creation Brought to Life: Dwarven Drinking Horn and Stand

Sega and Creative Assembly answered the Total War franchise’s fans by releasing Total War: Warhammer High King Edition. This Collector’s Edition includes Tome packaging and features a functioning Dwarven Drinking Horn and Stand.


  • Horn

    • 9.5" H x 7.25" W

    • Polyresin exterior, decorated with icons and sigils in the Dwarven craftsman style

    • Food-grade, silicone interior sleeve holds 19 fl. oz.

    • Metal display stand

  • Integrated Art Book

  • Whetstone

    • Functional

  • Spinning Ring

  • Map

Ring Thumb.png
Whetstone Thumb.png
Horn_Detail Thumb.png
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